Our Team

Operation Neighbor Ukraine is an initiative that began in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We are volunteers from the USA and Ukraine who are united by the desire to help our neighbors, Ukrainians, who are currently fighting for their right to live. We have already sent 80 suitcases with aid to Ukraine. These were critically needed items for civilians, hospitals and the wounded. Now, we have focused our efforts on sending lifesaving supplies. Our mission is to help save lives and share hope through the Gospel.

Alla and Dima are a Ukrainian couple whose world was turned upside down on February 24, 2022. In March of 2022, Alla and their two children came to Minnesota, sheltering them from the war. Dima has remained in Ukraine volunteering, having the opportunity to come to the USA for short visits and to deliver aid to Ukraine upon his return.

Sheila and Ken made two trips to Eastern Europe delivering donations of aid to Ukrainians. They also traveled into Ukraine to deliver food, medical supplies, and warm clothing and to minister to refugees and encourage Ukrainian volunteers. For more information, see our article, “All Things Are Possible” below. Our hearts are broken for Ukraine, we had to do something.” – Sheila & Ken

Gary and Heidi are US Army Veterans who have seen and understand the devastating effects of war. Gary served as a missionary in Ukraine for several years and has a big heart for Ukraine and has been known to say “My heart is forever there”. Heidi is a philanthropist by nature and wants to do what can be done to help save lives and souls in Ukraine.

Our Partners

We work together with volunteers in Ukraine, ordinary people, Christians who donate their time, resources and are ready to risk their lives to deliver help to those in need.

We partner with our friends, Potential Endeavors, a non-profit organization that helps us in raising funds for Ukraine so you have a tax deductible donation.

Please join us in our mission to supply lifesaving medical supplies!